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5 Struggles Only People In Social Media Marketing Industry Will Understand

No one knows this kind of pain…

Trisha B
3 min readSep 1, 2021
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Many people believe that working in social media is simple or, worse, that it isn’t even a profession. When there are challenges that no one understands unless they work in the field, social media managers are often referred to as “Instagrammers” or define what they do as “using Facebook.”

No worries, though. Here are some struggles that only people in the social media marketing industry can understand.

When you want to hop on the moment, but the approval takes so long

Seriously, this happens a lot to Social Media Managers, and the reasons behind it are pretty obvious. Is it possible to avoid this in the future? We’re not sure since, even if you have monthly materials planned and authorized by higher management and the legal team, new trends and topics emerge every day on social media. As a brand, it is important to insert yourself into the conversation to stay relevant. Unfortunately, there will always be times where the momentum is gone already and the post hasn’t been approved yet.

Social media developments

Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s great. Social media breakthroughs are beneficial, which is why they are referred to as developments in the first place. Updates, on the other end, imply that social media managers must re-strategize centered on the app’s new features, which include the production of new content. For example, if a platform that you’re using for the client you’re handling decides to hop on the ‘Stories’ train when it’s not their nature, then that’s a whole new strategy. Get your 3 cups of coffee and creative juices ready.

Seeing posts from other brands perform well when it’s obvious they’re not well-thought-out

Is this a serious statement? I believe in community over competition, but observing other content outperforms your planned one is a crapshoot. I mean, I’m sure they’re humorous or just plain brilliant, and the material is top-notch, but seeing those casual social media postings makes us wonder if they were even authorized because they’re so effortlessly witty. But, let’s be honest. Some audiences prefer conversational over really well-thought informational ones, so that means your and the brand’s personality must come into play.

Indecisive clients

How would you feel if you just finished creating a monthly calendar for your customer to review and approve, only for them to be confused and dissatisfied when the time comes to upload it? We received your approval, Ma’am/Sir. I wish I was joking, but this happens sometimes alongside clients that believe material can be created in 3 seconds. Content creation has a process and they’re not produced in a blink of an eye. This is a different kind of pain, I tell you.

Wearing a million hats

Oh, my God! Salesperson, community manager, video editor, graphic designer, content strategist, content writer, and all other professions linked to social media management are all expected of you as a Social Media Manager. This tweet encapsulated what I wanted to say. I understand that some companies, especially startups and others that are just starting to transition to digital marketing, don’t have the means to hire a whole team with totally different purposes yet, but that is why you also need to strategize what you need the most depending on your goal. Want to make sales? Hire a Content Writer. Want to grow on social media? Social Media Manager. Don’t expect one person to do everything, although wearing too many hats is unavoidable at times.

This is a reminder that your struggles don’t just happen to you. People in the industry, even from across the world, experience the same thing. You are not alone.

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