6 Tips To Creating Opportunities For Yourself During The Pandemic

How you can navigate in these hard times

Photo by Hillary Black on Unsplash

Focus on things that you can control

It was one of the first things I did, so I think it's important to highlight. As I previously stated, my working environment was not great at the time. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't commit to corporate jobs because my laptop was damaged and I didn't have my own space. I couldn’t control those things, so I did what I could, which included creating an Instagram account on my phone because I couldn’t create a blog on my non-existent laptop back then. Thanks to my dad, I had a laptop a month after building the page and I had a better new one last week. Patience, I guess.

Find all the opportunities you can to boost your portfolio and CV

When you have free time, you can enroll in online courses with certifications, internships, or volunteer for small enterprises, as the number of entrepreneurs has increased during the lockdown. I am against unpaid internships, but this is where you need to know where to draw the line and define your limits:

  1. Be clear with the deliverables you can offer. If they’re not paying you, don’t accept tasks that you’re not really familiar with and would disregard #1.
  2. Assure that you’ll get a solid recommendation and they allow you to include their business in your portfolio and CV. If not, find others. I know that experience is important, but you need to gain more than that on your end, too. And that is actual proof of your experience, which comes in the form of your portfolio.

Don’t say yes to every opportunity

In contrast to the second, this is likewise significant. Is it perplexing? Let’s put it like this. You are the one who is hunting for all feasible prospects for yourself. It means you assess firms, their owners, the industry, probable duties, if they are out of your grasp or if you can execute the work well despite a lack of knowledge, and so on. You are the one making decisions for yourself because you have a vision of the type of work you want to accomplish and how it will help you achieve your goals in the future.

Run with your ideas

Have passion projects in mind? A digital magazine, Instagram food blog, personal or lifestyle website, a vlog, or even a Tiktok account? Run with it. Don’t run from it because you think it’s stupid.

Network, network, and network!

I’ve gotten the majority of my opportunities by networking. In exchange for comments, I was given first dibs on a number of paid digital products, systems, and apps. By putting yourself out there, you become a member of a community. You can lead the community if you’re smarter, have good communication skills, and are always active. This is where networking comes into play.

  1. Connect with a like-minded community. There you won’t just have another connection but you can actually help and learn from each other.
  2. Create captivating content. One time, I connected with a CEO, then created content based on their Linkedin activity and they noticed it. Next thing I knew they were in my inbox saying they need someone to work with them in my industry.

Remove the thought that other people are thinking negatively of you

Putting yourself out there means you won’t receive positive comments and support all the time. It would also involve some of them side-eyeing you from afar and waiting for your next moves. But trust me, everyone’s life is so vivid that they wouldn’t have the time to dwell on what you’re doing online, especially if it’s harmless or trivial.

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