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Tiktok Tests, Hops On The ‘Stories’ Train

Nobody cares but here’s what I think about this

Trisha B
4 min readAug 8, 2021
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Remember when each social media platform had its unique features and we all enjoyed them because they served different purposes? Miss the days.

A few days ago, Tiktok launched its test for a new feature — a feature that no other app is using. Yes, you guessed it right! They’re testing out ‘Stories’ which is popularized by Snapchat. According to TechCrunch, TikTok didn’t disclose how long the pilot test would go or whether it would lead to a public launch, just shortly after Twitter removed “Fleets” on August 3 as the feature didn’t really become popular with the majority of users.

Now, Tiktok is the one testing the waters. Let’s say that Tiktok Stories will be fully available to the public, how does it affect brands and creators? How can they utilize and adapt to these changes? What do I think of this?

Brands and influencers have an alternative choice for collaborations

Tiktok organic reach is massive, which is a good thing for both brands and creators with budget. If a brand is thinking of collaborating with an influencer, then maybe they can opt for stories. I believe it will be less expensive because a standard grid post would reach people outside of Tiktok Influencer A’s audience, as opposed to stories, which are exclusively visible to their followers.

Tiktok superstars Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae can charge from $14,500 up to $100,000 per sponsored post according to PopBuzz. So safe to say that Tiktok Stories might be a cheaper and alternative audience while still reaching their audience, right?

It might be unnecessary

This is just my personal take, but I do think it’s kind of unnecessary. As a Tiktok user who scrolls for hours under the guise of researching trends, I see so many creators upload not-grid-worthy videos. That may sound harsh, but I meant videos that their followers didn’t follow them for, and even if they don’t get the same number of views and engagements as the well-thought-out ones, the majority of people still love them. After all, Tiktok is a social media platform for fun.

I know that just like on Instagram stories, there are literally hundreds of content ideas they can upload on Tiktok stories, such as personal updates, exclusive content, behind-the-scenes, and the likes. I just think that it’s kind of unnecessary because Tiktok is for fun and unlike Instagram, it’s not really lifestyle-centric and you don’t have to curate that much so we upload selfies and drinking videos on Stories.

Seriously, why are brands trying to look like each other?!

Snapchat popularized 24-hr vanishing stories, then adapted by Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (which is now gone), Tiktok (still testing), and even LinkedIn!

To compete with Tiktok, Instagram launched its short-form video feature ‘Reels’ a year ago. And now Tiktok is putting ‘Stories’ to the test. As a result, an increasing number of people are sticking to one or two platforms. Their original purpose is no longer relevant. In my demographic, I saw Snapchat become extremely popular between 2015 and 2018. Then when Instagram Stories became a hit in Q1 of 2018, so many users focused on Instagram and disregarded Snapchat because, on the former, you can upload grid and a vanishing posts. Maybe that’s just in my country because there are still millions of users in the US. However, in 2018, it was reported that Instagram Stories doubled Snapchat’s daily users. So I believe my observation is still somewhat correct.

Twitter was also for ranting or blurbs because that was its ‘landscape’ but they tested Fleets, which really didn’t work. I applaud Twitter for that because it takes so much courage to admit that not majority of your users would be interested in a certain feature, which other platforms have. That’s why it’s ‘We’re sorry or you’re welcome,’ right? Apps should take note (cough, LinkedIn) that not all platforms need Stories!

Back to Tiktok, as a short-form video platform, I think it just errs. But that’s just me. Maybe this will be successful. Or not. I don’t know. The feature hasn’t officially rolled out yet so there are still no solid data available that might prove its performance or how many users and viewers will it have. If anything, I’m actually excited about this takeoff.

Disclaimer: These are my personal thoughts and opinions as a social media enthusiast. These don’t represent any organization.

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